Can You Use Behr Paint in a HVLP Sprayer

Painting can be a daunting task, especially when doing a big project like a room or a piece of furniture. HVLP sprayers have come onto the market as an alternative to traditional brush and roller techniques. However, the question arises whether Behr paint can be used in an HVLP sprayer. The answer varies depending on the sprayer and the type of Behr paint you have. In this article, we’ll explore the answer in detail.

Understanding HVLP Sprayers

Before we dive into Behr paint, let’s go over what an HVLP sprayer is. HVLP stands for “High Volume Low Pressure”. These sprayers are designed to atomize paint particles into a fine mist, which gives an even and smooth finish with minimal overspray.

Types of HVLP Sprayers

There are two types of HVLP sprayers on the market: turbine and compressed air. Turbine HVLP systems are powered by electric motors whereas compressed air is powered by an air compressor. One way to determine if your Behr paint can be used in an HVLP sprayer is to check the product specifications of your particular sprayer.

Behr Paint Varieties

Behr is a popular brand of interior and exterior paint, available in a wide range of finishes, such as matte, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss. If you are considering using Behr paint, it is essential to check the label to determine if it is suitable for an HVLP sprayer.

Recommended Behr Paint Products to Use with HVLP Sprayers

Behr themselves recommend using their Marquee and Ultra paints with HVLP sprayers. These formulated products are designed to atomize consistently with the sprayer’s lower volume of air pressure delivery.

Preparation for Using Behr Paint in an HVLP Sprayer

Before proceeding with an HVLP sprayer, it is important to prepare the paint for use. Ensure that the paint is well-stirred and perfectly strained to avoid clogging the HVLP sprayer’s tip, resulting in an interrupted flow during application.

Steps to Use Behr Paint in HVLP Sprayers

With the paint, sprayer, and job surface well-prepared, the process of using Behr paint in an HVLP sprayer is straightforward. Load the paint into the sprayer, and begin by testing the spray on a scrap piece of material. Adjust the flow rate and fan pattern until achieving desired results. Begin painting your targeted surface area, applying thin coats in long, sweeping strokes.

Tips to Achieve a Professional Finish

To achieve a professional finish, you must take your time. Avoid over-application and over-reduced products to prevent ‘running’ on vertical surfaces. You can also layer thin coats to achieve a uniform spread that dries without any runs or sags.

The Importance of Cleaning After Use

Cleaning after using Behr paint in your HVLP sprayer is crucial. A reliable cleaning routine ensures that your sprayer stays in good condition for future projects. Mix up a cleaning solution suggested in your sprayer’s manual, disassemble it, and clean the spray gun, nozzle, and air cap with the proper cleaning tools.

Safety Consideration

As with any DIY project, you should observe safety precautions when painting with an HVLP sprayer. Eye safety goggles, gloves, a respirator mask, and old clothes are recommended. These safety measures keep you safe and reduce your exposure to fumes and toxins during painting.

Additional Resources

If you’d like to learn more about Behr paint and using an HVLP sprayer, visit their website. You’ll find product information, tutorials, and other resources to guide you through your project.


Behr paint and HVLP sprayers can be a dynamic paint combination, providing an even and professional-looking finish to any project. Taking the time to ensure your paint and sprayer are suitable for one another, adhering to a preparatory process, and maintaining a cleaning routine ensures that your project will receive optimal results.

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