Can You Use Primer in Graco Paint Sprayer

Are you looking to paint a new project or give your old furniture a new touch of life? If so, a primer is an essential product you must use before applying the topcoat. Primers help to seal the surface and create a smooth base for the paint to adhere to, resulting in a more uniform finish. Many might ask: Can you use a primer in the Graco paint sprayer? The answer is YES, but specific primers and techniques for use are needed. In this post, we’ll guide you through selecting, preparing, and applying primer using Graco paint spray guns.

Why use a primer

A primer is essential in any painting project, as it helps create a smooth and even base for the topcoat. Using a primer with a Graco paint sprayer can help you save time and effort as it provides excellent coverage and adhesion for the paint to adhere to.

Additionally, a primer can help hide any imperfections on your painting surface, giving you a flawless result. Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, using a primer with your Graco paint sprayer is a surefire way to achieve a great finish on your next project.

Types of primer

Are you curious about the different types of primer available for your DIY painting project? There are a variety of primers to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. You can choose one best suited for your surface and painting needs, from oil-based to water-based primers.

Graco paint sprayers are compatible with most types of primer, making the application process a breeze. So, choose the right type of primer for your project, whether you’re painting walls, furniture, or cabinets.

Selection of Primer

Several types of primers are available in the market for different surfaces, including drywall, wood, metal, and concrete. Choosing a suitable primer is crucial to achieve the desired results. To select the suitable primer:

  1. Consider the surface you will paint and the topcoat’s colour.
  2. If you are going from darker to lighter shades, use a tinted primer to match the top coat better.
  3. If unknown, test on a small area before covering the entire surface.

Can You Use a Primer in a Graco Paint Sprayer?

Yes, using a primer in a Graco paint sprayer is safe, but you must consider the paint sprayer’s specifications and the primer type. Graco paint sprayers can handle dense liquids like primers, but airless spray systems work better than air-assisted systems.

Type of Primer to Use with a Graco Paint Sprayer

Graco’s airless sprayers work well with oil-based, water-based, and high-viscosity primers, making them a versatile choice. It would be best to choose a primer compatible with the surface and the topcoat, ensuring a better bond and smooth, even finish.

How to Prepare Your Graco Paint Sprayer for Primer Use

Before using a primer:

  1. Ensure the Graco paint sprayer is clean, assembled properly, and in good condition.
  2. Disassemble the unit’s parts, check and clean each component, and ensure no leftover paint from previous uses.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for machine maintenance.

How to Mix Primer for Use in Graco Paint Sprayer

Mixing the primer before using it in the Graco paint sprayer requires following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you use the correct temperature and mixing speed. Ensure you avoid bubbles affecting the spray’s pattern, and let the primer rest for a few minutes until air bubbles escape.

How to Apply Primer with Graco Paint Sprayer

Applying the primer is a crucial step towards achieving a smooth finish. Hold the spray gun at the proper distance from the surface and move it slowly and steadily to ensure an even coat, usually 10-12 inches from the surface, perpendicular to the surface. If you are spraying indoors, cover the surrounding area to avoid overspray.

Techniques to Avoid Over-application or Under-application of Primer

Over-application results in an uneven finish and drips; under-application results in visible brush marks and a lack of sufficient coverage. Correctly applying the primer starts with using the correct spraying distance, testing the first with a test card or surface, adjusting where necessary, and overlapping each subsequent pass to create an even and uniform coverage.

Tips for Cleaning the Graco Paint Sprayer After Primer Use

Cleaning the Graco paint sprayer after use helps maintain the machine’s life span. First, remove the excess primer and clean the surface with paint thinner. Reassemble the machine while ensuring each component is secure, clean, and lubricated.

Pros and Cons of Using a Primer in Graco Paint Sprayer

Using a primer in a Graco paint sprayer ensures better adhesion and surface consolidation. Primers also help improve the painting finish and protect the substrate. However, the downside to using a primer is that it adds time and cost to the painting process, with additional steps like mixing, applying, and drying time.

The Impact of Different Types of Primer on the Spray Gun

Different types of primer have different viscosities and can impact the Graco spray gun’s performance. The thicker and dense primers can clog a sprayer’s nozzle and create uneven coating, while thinner primers run and produce drips. Be aware of the primer’s viscosity before using it in your Graco paint sprayer.

How to Troubleshoot Any Issues with Primer and Graco Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers can sometimes have issues, including spitting, clogging, and inconsistent spraying. To troubleshoot these issues, check the nozzle and the pressure settings or clean and thin the paint for easier application.

How to Create a Smooth Finish Using Primer

Creating a smooth finish when painting requires using a suitable primer, applying it correctly, and using quality products. Don’t over-apply, apply too quickly or slowly, or allow drips to form. Practice and test the spraying technique using a surface for best results.

Maintenance Tips

Ongoing maintenance is key to the lifespan of any airless paint sprayer. After each use, disassemble and clean the machine correctly, and check for worn or damaged components before each use. Regular machine examination and cleaning should be done to maintain the machine’s life span.


In conclusion, using a primer before painting with a Graco paint sprayer will help you achieve a smoother finish, better adhesion, and longer-lasting protection of the underlying surface. However, you must select the right primer, mix it properly, apply it correctly, and clean, maintain, and troubleshoot the Graco paint sprayer. Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in better understanding the methods to use Graco paint sprayers to make beautiful surfaces. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve the best results.

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