glority paint sprayer review

As someone constantly looking for ways to make my DIY projects easier and more efficient, I decided to try the Glority PS80A Paint Sprayer. I had heard great things about this product, and after using it for a few weeks, it did not disappoint.

In this review, I will be breaking down all the features of this paint sprayer, including its four nozzles and three spray patterns, unique blowing and cleaning functions, ease of use and cleaning, and adjustable flow control. So, if you’re in the market for a paint sprayer, keep reading to determine if the Glority PS80A is for you.

GLORITY Paint Sprayer, 700W HVLP Spray Gun with Cleaning & Blowing Joints, 4 Nozzles and 3 Patterns

Colour: Blue
Product dimensions: 26W x 21H centimetres
Style: Electric Paint Sprayer
Power source: Corded Electric

Four Nozzles and Three Spray Patterns

The Glority PS80A has four size nozzles ranging from 1mm to 3mm, making it ideal for almost any painting project. Whether you’re looking to paint furniture, walls, or garden chairs, the Glority PS80A has you covered. Additionally, it offers three different spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and circular – giving you the flexibility to tackle any painting job.

Unique Blowing and Cleaning Functions

One of the standout features of the Glority PS80A is its unique blowing and cleaning functions. Before spraying, you can use the dust-blowing joint attached to the paint sprayer to blow away any dust or debris on the surface you are about to paint.

Once you finish painting, you can connect the cleaning connector to your faucet to clean the residual paint inside the sprayer. This makes cleaning up after your painting project a breeze and ensures your paint sprayer stays pristine.

Easy to Use and Clean

Even if you’re new to paint sprayers, the Glority PS80A is incredibly easy to use. It can be easily assembled without any tools, and once you’ve read the manual, you’ll be painting in no time. After use, it’s essential to clean the paint sprayer thoroughly, and the Glority PS80A comes with a cleaning brush and needle to help you remove any paint left in the nozzle.

Efficient and Time-Saving

The large 1200ml container on the Glority PS80A significantly enhances work efficiency, reducing work time and minimizing labor intensity. This makes it an ideal choice for tackling painting projects quickly and efficiently. No more refilling your paint container constantly!

Adjustable Flow Control

One of the features that sets the Glority PS80A apart is its adjustable flow control. Depending on the task, this allows you to control the amount of paint you spray. It’s ideal for intricate painting projects that require precision and control.


Along with the paint sprayer, you’ll receive several accessories, including four nozzles, three spray patterns, a dust-blowing joint, a cleaning connector, a cleaning brush, and a needle. These accessories make the Glority PS80A an even better value for money.


The Glority PS80A is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. This ensures that it will last for years, even with frequent use.


The Glority PS80A is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to transport to different work areas. Whether you’re working on a painting project in your living room or your garden, this paint sprayer can be easily moved around to fit your needs.

Customer Support

Glority offers excellent customer support. Whether you have questions about how to use your paint sprayer or if you’re having issues with it, their customer support is always available to help you.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Glority PS80A Paint Sprayer is an excellent investment for anyone looking to tackle DIY painting projects at home. Its four nozzles and three spray patterns make it versatile enough to tackle any painting project, while its unique blowing and cleaning functions make it easy to clean up after your project. Combine these features with ease of use and durability, and you have a paint sprayer that will make any painting project more accessible and efficient.


The Glority PS80A paint sprayer is an excellent option for anyone looking for a versatile and efficient painting tool. Its unique features, such as four nozzles, three spray patterns, and adjustable control flow, make it ideal for anyone tackling various painting projects. Additionally, the efficiency and portability of the Glority PS80A make it a reliable and indispensable tool for home painting projects. With excellent customer support and various accessories, the Glority PS80A is a great investment for anyone looking to tackle DIY painting projects at home.

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