How Does Airless Spray Works

Airless spray is an efficient and effective method of applying paint and coatings to various surfaces. However, many people are not aware of how it works or the benefits it offers. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at airless spray and how it operates. We will also explore the components of an airless spray system and discuss its advantages over traditional spray methods. Let’s dive in!

What is Airless Spray?

Airless spray is a method of paint application that expels high-pressure fluid on a surface through a small nozzle, creating a fan-like pattern. The system operates by mechanically compressing the coating into the delivery system to generate high pressure.

Components of an Airless Spray System

The core components of an airless spray system include a pump, a hose, a gun, and a nozzle. The pump pressurizes the material, and the fluid hose carries this material from the pump to the spray gun. The gun atomizes the material by forcing it through a small opening in the nozzle.

How Does Airless Spray Work?

Airless spray works by expelling the pressurized material at a high velocity when it passes through the spray tip. The force of the fluid disperses the product, and the high speed ensures that the coating fully covers the surface. The airless spray allows for the production of a wider range of film thicknesses within one spray application.

Advantages of Airless Spray

There are several advantages to using airless spray over traditional spray methods. One significant advantage is the smooth and consistent finish generated by airless spray. Also, it can produce thick and high-build coatings. Airless spray application has a higher transfer efficiency compared to conventional spraying.

The Benefits of Airless Spray for Large Projects

Airless spray is an ideal method for large-scale painting projects that require speed and efficiency. It can deliver a higher output for larger projects due to its ability to transfer more coating onto surfaces. Also, the minimal overspray reduces material waste, saves time and reduces costs.

Airless Spray Vs. Traditional Spray Methods

Compared to traditional methods of using compressed air to atomize coating, airless spray provides several advantages. Firstly, the mechanical operation of airless spraying reduces the possibility of uneven coverage due to inconsistent air pressure. Additionally, cleaning the equipment after use is effortless.

Types of Fluids for Airless Spray

Airless spray can work on various types of fluids from paints and primers to polyurethane coatings and sealants. The primary requirement is that the material must be easily pump able, filtered and compatible with the hose, gun and nozzle.

Airless Spray Precautions

Safety is vital when working with airless spray. Always adhere to precautions provided in the equipment manual and wear protective clothing as directed. Airless spray guns operate at very high pressure, and it can be hazardous to eyes and lungs. Always ensure you are wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Adding Airless Spray To A Professional Painting Business

For professionals in various industries, including painting, construction and manufacturing, airless spray offers significant advantages in efficiency and ease of use. It may require an investment in the necessary equipment, but business owners must take into account the increased productivity and reduced material requirements; with regular use, the equipment investment pays off.

Airless Spray Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to prolong the lifespan of the Airless Spray equipment. The system requires proper cleaning, lubrication and storage to prevent rust build up and subsequent damage that might reduce or compromise the equipment performance.


Understanding how airless spray works is vital when looking for an efficient and effective coating application method. Airless spray offers a range of benefits, including faster completion times and reduced costs. With proper maintenance and precautions, airless spray is a fantastic asset for businesses in a variety of industries. Invest in the equipment today, and start experiencing improved results in your coatings jobs.

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